Bangs are a Committment


The Fox in the Snow – Belle & Sebastian

There was Niagara Harvest breakfast, and a hike on trails I had heard of but never set foot on. Those friends and their smiles are so good for my soul (the warm sunshine didn’t hurt either). What has stood out to me, even now, is her last comment. She didn’t believe I felt justified enough to reveal the true nature of things in their entirety, though I certainly felt relieved of whatever emotional burdens I had been carrying before that day. Instead, she put her arm around me and said it’s okay, prayer will cover the rest.

Thank you for knowing what questions to ask and which to put to rest. Thank you for believing in me when I’m less than certain, and for filling in the blanks when I’m empty of words. Thank you for seeing me and knowing me and still choosing to love me. You are a rarity, a treasure, and I didn’t know I had been breathing stale air until you came.


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