One in a Million

Elbow – One Day Like This

After years of joking that one of my greatest fears in life is missing out, I’ve begun to realize that much of life is right in front of me, ready to be lived. K said that we’ve already been given everything we need for the life we’ve always dreamed of, and it’s true. Much of this has to do with our view of life, brimming with potential or endlessly waiting. I wish there was a way to help you see what I see, that your constant bills and long work hours and less-than-best actually hum the tune of a life well-lived. Your not enough time is, to me, just enough time. From where I stand, your distant future is coming true today in whispers and preludes, in compromise and sacrifice and acceptance. You see a life waiting to begin, but I see it unfolding before your eyes. You’re missing the view, and if I could, I would reach over and choose joy for you, choose to see past the mundane to celebrate for you. I’m tired of conversations where I simply refute your view of life half-empty, but I’ll keep pointing out the grace and blessing in your life because it’s everywhere. And because perspective can change things, it can change a grey morning or a disappointing week, it can change entire seasons, if you let it.

(Image by Parker Fitzgerald)


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