The Favour

Mimicking Birds – Burning Stars

My days are lacking in steadiness, like I need a cane to walk or else constantly stop to lean on something to regain balance. Whatever good I come across, I tend to clutch a little tighter to, keeping them in a mental storehouse of blessings to draw on. I have a friend who is deeply aware that everything good comes from God. We are two who like to linger and savour and admire the world, and when we come across anything particularly wonderful, he often will comment that, “It’s the favour, Kendra!” – we’re looking in the face of the favour of God. I love that. He is sincerely and hilariously delighted every time, and it’s this view that is slowly changing me. Every poutine au gratuit, surprise vintage map collection or note on my pillow – these are not just bright spots in an otherwise mundane production. They are good gifts from a God who laces my days the world over with his favour. And just the same, with every disappointment, insecurity, disillusionment or round of confusion I also recognize that nevertheless God is good. And it is with this that I stop to catch my breath, steady my soul and move forward: nevertheless, God is good.

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