Of Big Days and Heat Lightning

James Vincent McMorrow – If I Had a Boat

We were on the back patio, my mother and I shifting our chairs as the sun blazed a trail above our heads. There were questions of grace and loving what seems unlovable, of ever-elusive contentment and friendships playing with fire. K had said that our greatest weakness is like the flip side of our greatest strength. My words have the potential to carry a lot of weight and truth, and at the same time can cut to the quick when harsh words or dishonesty lash out. My mom stocked hope against my insecurities that morning when she said that our greatest weakness becomes our greatest strength because God’s strength is made perfect in our weaknesses. Whatever good is in me is evidence of the transformation He has done in me, taking my broken, guilty, selfish, shamed, and addicted self and recreating me all over again. One of the most ungodly things we can say is that people will never change, because that goes directly against who I know my God to be – gracious and merciful and, like a potter with clay reaching out and shaping us to live as children of the light, made strong in our weakness.

(Image via Maddie Joyce)


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