To Be in Love with Now

James Vincent McMorrow – Breaking Hearts

I think that life full to the brim is learned. It is not something that is altogether natural for us, although I think children seem to speak this language quite fluently. To me, living fully often feels like deciphering a new language, at once exciting and aggravating. Lately, it is more frustrating and less thrilling, and all I seem to end up with is trying – a poor sentiment for untold efforts gone to waste.

He told us that idolatry – turning our backs on God – is living on substitutes. We all worship something: it’s where we go to find purpose and how we cope to feel better; it’s what we think about when our feet hit the ground in the morning and are preoccupied with during the day; it’s what would make us not want to live if it were to disappear. Erasmus said that “A nail is driven out by another nail; habit is overcome by habit.” As I drive out the substitutes cramping my learning, I hammer in those things that I know will breathe life into my bones. It’s a language of discipline, this living fully. This life to the full I want to learn like I know my own skin. I want to speak it as smoothly as my own name rolls off my tongue. So with nail after nail, and hour by hour, I remember the ultimate Gift Giver, the One without whom I can do nothing. And I learn. 

(Image via Seven Spoons)


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