The Celebrated Life

by thefulltiltlife

Bon Iver – I Can’t Make You Love Me

“Maybe there’s no reason for this. At all. Ever.”

Putting it to words seemed at once sacrilegious and truthful. Maybe, after all, there isn’t. After a few moments, I quietly said that although this may seem achingly idealistic, far too naive or childish, I believe there is power in prayer. I have to. I believe that there is always and without fail a miracle when we talk with the Lord. It could be an inclination of his face towards mine, it could be a grand gesture of love. It could be an imperative verb or a life-altering movement, or a steadying of my soul. The miracle is not always a reason, but it is simple faith – blind believing – that we are after. Do I believe God is, in the end, good and kind when the answer is abject to my reasoning? Do I believe he is love itself when I feel absolutely without love? Do I know that he has overcome the world when my view is obscured by the lonely, the hurting, the dying? My life is lived not by what I can see but by faith, this blind belief that God is, that God does, that God loves. I have to.

(Image via Miss Moss)