All Things Ordinary

Radical Face – All is Well (Goodbye, Goodbye)

Summer began at 7:09 last night, its commencement heralded by the little boy boarding the train this morning. The season’s symphony has already been set loose, cubes cracking as liquid meets ice, splashes and laughter punctuating air hanging still in the heat, air conditioners and lawn mowers humming happy background tunes. These are the sounds of days best spent soaking up life, wearing it well, spending it well. It’s as if I’m taking a sampling tour of goodness and beauty, and I am right back in the hands of the ultimate gift-Giver, holding the keys to a storehouse of life to the full. Why would I live as if my narrow view were all there is, when I belong to the God who filled the oceans with a word? Everything – everything – belongs to Him. And in His grace, He invites us to the whole of it, “Taste and see. I am good.”

(Image via Rose & Crown)


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