Go Further

 Fiona Apple, The Punch Bros & Jon Brion –  So Sleepy

Rainy days are some of my favourites at the train station; there is something about being tucked away in this old building with some Earl Grey. Today is about sounds: wheels clicking on the tracks and train bells ringing in the distance, hardwood floors creaking, wind and rain pounding duets all the while. I think again of how one-of-a-kind this job is, as I make plans for hot air balloon rides and call sponsors and trapeze artists and talk to the fire chief just because. These, too, are gifts from God, evidences of his love: a faint rainbow I had been looking for all day, a persistent call through a song to “Come away with me, I have a plan for you”, cherry rhubarb pie on a warm evening, solitude in the car. As I name gift after gift, I am right back in Eden naming animals, and I don’t want to miss a single one. You see, it is in the naming that I express gratitude and draw attention to the gift-Giver. There’s something in the Bible that says, “Rejoice in the Lord”, and I think I can safely replace “rejoice” with “Enjoy”. It’s an invitation, a portal through which to see the world not with eternal optimism but with trust.  

“Enjoy me.”

(Image via The Yard)


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