The Ember Days – Finger Painting

“I have to be someone who keeps committments. I do not give up.”

As she leaned against the old foot-board opposite me on the bed, I looked up from pictures of far away places, trying to memorize each one before turning the page. It was not the first time she had mentioned this. Some digging under the layers of a trivial statement said with a smile and a dip of her head revealed something so admirable, something I’ve been chasing after, too.

She is rehearsing how to be persistent. Over and over, with projects and habits and committments, she practises. With every “yes”, she builds into the person she would like to become. Until, one day, the rehearsal will blend seamlessly into the performance and she will look back and realize this is no longer a dress rehearsal. It is life, and she is persistent, carrying with her a repertoire composed of tenacity, consistency, patience, and confidence.

(Image via Flickr)


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