Then and Again

Cinematic Orchestra – To Build A Home

As we drove the country roads late at night, I got the chance to remind her that her dreams are worth dreaming. I told her that no one has the right to tell her to move on with her life, because she is perfectly suited for those dreams no matter the salary or the sacrifice. And I gently, truthfully said that anything is possible.

It came like a whisper at first, this idea that I was tentative to frame into words because I wasn’t quite sure if it was true. But the thought has gathered speed as I have come to know it – on the last night in our St. Catharines apartment, on the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset, in the morning on my parent’s back patio. This belief comes from a place deep inside, a familiarity with my Father, someone who immensely loves to give His children good gifts, someone who pursues us with a relentless goodness to the point that anything is possible. Anything.

I told her that as she details and blueprints and deciphers and calculates, remember to dream. Because God really is big enough for any question, any argument – and any dream. If there is one thing I have learned in the past few weeks, it is this: anything is possible.

(Image via Brian Ferry)


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