Flux: The Natural State

The Ember Days – It Is Well

Somehow, I find myself in a spot with the light slanting through the windows at exactly the right angle, warming my back and casting shadows on the floor between the table legs. Clean apartment, pot roast in the oven, lists to-do and to-adventure compiled for the week – these are the things that usually declutter my thoughts. Instead, I find myself here, in the light, trying to put words to a jumble that won’t be sorted.

When the day starts and when it ends, my conflicted thoughts rest on single-lined prayers; thoughts and breaths, mostly. My plea is a greater capacity to love. And may the state of the churches I enter and the friends I embrace drive me to my knees instead of to my pulpit. I want to be someone who does not make decisions based on what will make life easiest, but instead be the kind of woman who faces conflict with resolve,  as something worth doing. Let me never settle for less than the stuff I was made for.

Image via That Kind of Woman


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