A Like-Hearted Neighbour

Ben Gibbard – You Remind Me of Home

You, dear heart, are the tippity-top, the cat’s pajamas, my rock, my paper, and my scissors! I love the way that you delight in life: in Forever Nuts tea and end-of-the-day hugs, in Mozart, in the way you take care of your friends. I love your sweet harms, the way you love home, and your knack for making excuse for a nap. I love how you take the sting out of an argument, and how you know to come down five minutes earlier than necessary. I love your extensive wine knowledge and your endearing lack of direction sense. I love cooking for you, because I love how content it makes us both. I love coming home to you, more than I could have imagined. But one of the greatest gifts you have offered me is always believing in me, dear friend. A lot of people can say they believe someone will do great things, but you – you take the time almost every day to express in some way that you believe in me. And somehow, I believe you.

So Happy Birthday, Neighbour. May this year be brimming with celebration and adventure. May you draw close to our Father and believe in the vastness of His plans for you.


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