Rivers ‘Till I Reach You

The Head and the Heart – Lost In My Mind

In a word, this week has been about balance. School has been somewhat unexpected, seeming to snowball with tension as the the days blur together. I keep reminding myself that this is only the brick-laying sub-plot, the day-in and day-out exercise known as preparation for the main attraction to come. Whatever anxiety it has brought has been balanced with those things that are most nourishing to me. I think that this is sometimes how the Lord offers to take care of me, balancing my days by feeding my soul. And as the week begins to wane, I feel alive, more like the person I was created to be.

So, here’s to springtime.
To music magic.
To neighbours who just know, and roommates on the mend.
To wooden chairs splitting mid-sentence.
To possibilities, for now.
To this “Blessed Assurance” and grace in the midst.
To yellow tulips and midnight marinara making.
To new and unassuming friends, finally.
And now, to getting gutsy.

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