I’ll Fly Away, Oh Glory

The Hudson Branch – Periodic Table of Elegance

I couldn’t agree more with Shauna Niequist when she described the way she remembers events and seasons by the food she ate. This past weekend visiting with friends in Ottawa was one that was definitely marked in the same way. We put down roots of relationship and breathed deep in the knowledge that there are places other than here, as another friend put it. We ate goat’s cheese on pizzas, ham and gruyere croissants, chocolate almond croissants, “crack” bread, and velvety wine. We boasted in the Lord over Forever Nuts tea and laughed over Bridgehead coffee. We savoured pecan pie and talked about difficult things to come. It was a privilege, and it made me feel whole, quite honestly. It was nourishing in body and soul in a way that only happens with friends who adore the same Jesus.

Definite lessons of trust and vision and purpose have been crowding my view lately, overflowing my thoughts and conversations in surprising quantities. What is it to have purpose; to live out verbs like go and do and be; to handle words like wait? How do these things balance and collide and what does that mean for my today? In the midst I was able to sit and process with friends as we ate, and that’s exactly how I’ll remember it.


If you have not checked out The Hudson Branch and their new album, now’s your time to shine, people!

(Image via Modern Hepburn)


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