Blue Mornings

Sigur Rós – Inní mér syngur vitleysingur

I love the sounds of winter in Canada. The wind has a different tune than the rest of the year, mixing with the sound of crunching snow and boots sliding on the ice. We walked over the frozen lake one afternoon, through the maze of ice walls and out to Pine Tree Point before turning around to stand still and watch winter unfold before us. The word “delight” came to mind – delight, delight, delight!

The quiet ringing in my ears and “awake my soul” reverberating on my heart, the Lord is teaching me something about what it is to live, to die, to have meaning. If I knew the whole answer I would write volumes, but for now, what I know is that the fruit of my days tell the tale of the life I consume. I believe that “garbage in, garbage out” is true; the leaves reflect the roots of a tree, and so it is with my life. Envy, greed, lies, gossip – these are the tell-tale signs of bad fruit for me. Encouragement, patience, humility, self-control – these are the disciplines of good fruit. Breathe in, breathe out; repeat. May the aroma of my life be a sweet production of roots of love.


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