It’s A Beautiful Exchange

Andrew Bird – Oh No

I’m not sure what it is about this time of year that causes me to want to do better, be better, live better. There’s a pull towards a kinder, truer, simpler state; more forgiving and less easily frustrated. It’s a part of January I can’t seem to get away from, even half-way through the month. The New Year seems threaded with possibility, the hope that humanity could be better this year than it was in the last.

I’ll stop the trend there, though, because words like “better” and “more” are dangerous to me. I get caught up in a futile cycle of analyzing my life for necessary improvements and additions, until I’m left with a hollow outlook where the more I try, the more I have yet to accomplish. I need renewal, not improvement. I’m looking for sources of refreshment and nourishment instead of overwhelming and unattainable. I need simpler instead of more. I need to practise “slow and steady”, not Rush Hour. I need to evaluate what matters to me, and do the necessary housework to bring those things to centre stage. And January seems the right time to begin.


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