Jivers and Constructors

by thefulltiltlife

Slow Club – Thinking Drinking Sinking Feeling

Two cups of tea, one early class, two bus rides, one sink of dishes, two pots of apple cinnamon oatmeal, one cut thumb, and two watered plants down, and I’m feeling like my mother. She’s known to get a lot done in the mornings, too. I expect the rest of the day to continue in her way, a flurry of activity.

My uncle took the time on Sunday to ask me how school is going, followed by the usual questions a student away from home seems to field more often than not. But he said something I don’t want to forget: take your time; prayerfully set your goals; and expect the Lord to get you there. Even if you don’t know where you’re heading and you find yourself without compass or goal, at least you’ve taken the time to ask.