Cloudy Skies & Second Chances

Feist – Graveyard

I am stranded at my other home, something about snow squalls. It doesn’t quite feel like stranded should, probably due to the warm weather and blue skies that peek through now and then. But my dad knows best with these matters, and so I stay. Anyways, I’m thankful for the rest, and for movies, homemade truffles and the bottle of wine in my fridge.

There is the idea that when we pray we indulge ourselves. That prayer is a crutch, an unnecessary and petulant cry to grant us our wishes and intervene on our every whim. What I’m learning is that prayer, however mysterioius, is also a lifeline, a lifesaver cast to the created by the Creator with a plea to use it. Use it and fight for your people. Fight for creation, for circumstances seen and unseen. And don’t just fight when you’ve reached the end of your own rope, fight while it’s still daylight, while smiles however plastic still remain. Fight for redemption. And fight now, because no one else may be speaking up the way you are. Fight, because there is an answer and a help if only we would ask.


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