Now At Last

Feist – Now At Last

There is something quietly reflective about this time that catches me before the new year begins. My mom tells me to do what it takes to remember how far you’ve come and how you’ve been taken care of, because we so easily forget. When life doesn’t look so shiny and bright, I need to remember that the Lord has proven himself throughout all time and especially in my life. So, this is some of what I remember:

Saw my dad quit smoking. For reals.
Learned honesty may be the best policy, as they say.
Respected my mother, eventually.
Took pictures. Insta-glam, to be exact.
Cried on the phone with her, then flew to be with her.
Road-tripped in the name of reunification and renewal.
Met with my professors. Every single one.
Witnessed Bon Iver in real life.
Embraced my inner tourism coordinator.
Lived the gospel just a little more honestly.
Made butternut squash risotto and red velvet heart cake.
Camped in Saskatchewan.
Invested in people, only to love.
Let go of the person I want to be for the person I am becoming. It’s not in my hands.
Took my time.


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