The Days are Rich

by thefulltiltlife

The Staves – Winter Trees

Christmas is about taking care of the home team. Because it’s usually such a brief time carved outside of school and work, the time and energy and planning that goes into bringing people together is very conscious for me. It goes against my nature to say “no”, but I’ve been choosing whom to invest in these days. If I’m not careful, I easily accept every invitation and every adventure within reach, until I look back and realize I haven’t taken care of those people who matter the most to me. I’m left with a lot of friends but none with roots that go very deep. Christmas is the time to evaluate the home team, and then to go about letting them know exactly what place they have in my life. If there is one thing I can encourage you to do this season, it is this: use the sacredness of the season to put to words what you don’t say the rest of the year. If not at Christmas, then when?