Softly Dusk

by thefulltiltlife

Rosie Thomas – Say Hello

It was all I could do today not to cry with her. The attitudes and biting words and blame and so many feelings were too much to handle. Love is a choice, I think. It may begin with bright eyes and butterflies, but after a while, it becomes a choice. When the rosy hue of love has dropped from the view, it isn’t that love itself is missing, because God who never leaves is love. My roommate was discussing this in a seminar for her positive psychology class, and when she brought up this point of view, her classmates quickly negated her opinion. Love couldn’t possibly be any more than an emotion, could it? I believe that love lasts; it endures pain and hurt and worry, both ups and downs. When all is said and done, love remains. Please don’t tell me I’m naive, or I couldn’t possibly know what I’m talking about. This is about truth, not a personal truth that may work for one person and not for another, but an enduring reality. Love is a choice, and it never fails. It never gives up. But we do. We are responsible for choosing to give up and turn away. Love is up to us.