Frog Prince

Coldplay – Waterfall

Part of the reason I love cooking is that it is by definition preparation. It takes time and thought and planning. It’s somewhat methodical, unlike most of my life. Everything else seems to be last-minute, and if I could manage a life where I don’t fly by the seat of my pants, I would, but it’s entirely against my nature. In another sense, however, it seems that my whole life has been a preparation. Preparation for the next big thing, for real life, for the rubber to hit the road. At times I find myself impatient and dissatisfied with my stagnation. What I’ve learned this week is that the apostle John took a backseat for decades, neither inactive nor ineffective, just not in the spotlight. And somewhere along the way, his ambition and drive and “son of thunder” persona faded. He became the sort of person that the Lord chose to pen a Gospel, the love letters of first, second, and third John, and the wonders of Revelation. In the preparation part of his life he became so sure of how the Lord felt about him that he called himself the disciple Jesus loved. It was in the preparing that he came to know the ways of love.


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