Mid-day Midterms

by thefulltiltlife

The Head & The Heart – Cats and Dogs

When I got home last night, I wondered aloud whether spending $15 to mail candy and oat fudge brownies to my cousin in his first year of university was worth it. With a smile, Kalyn looked up at me and said, well, isn’t that the point of mail? And this is why we’re friends. When you say that you need to spend your time more wisely, you mean with friends and not with school. When you say you’re ready to go, what you mean is we’ll leave just after you brush your teeth. When you say let’s make plans, you mean to follow through with said adventures. When you hear the Word of God, you listen. And when I can’t seem to move off the couch, you make me mac & cheese and coffee. When I’ve run out of answers, reached the end of my rope and my patience, you seem to fill in the blanks. And when I have so much to say, you never run out of time to listen. You’ve said that I’m proof of the Lord’s goodness; but you – you are proof of his love.