Sinking Sand

Hillsong United – Aftermath

The air is dense this morning, leaning me towards earl grey, damp hair, and a heavy head. I’m secretly hoping it rains all day and into the night; I do love summer rain. Questions of sustainability have faced me quite a bit lately, in relationships, festivals, friendships (friendship festivals, for that matter), churches, and businesses. Questions of how much more can we give, of how longer can this go on, of what’s going to give? I know that some things are here for a time. There are some friendships that are limited to geographic location and circumstance, and some relationships that were good for a time and then something turned sour. There are churches and businesses that once were alive and now find themselves fading from the yellow pages. And for some, that may be okay. But maybe that’s why some days I want so badly to be with old friends. Or why the church that raised me feels like home. When so many things are unable to answer questions of sustainability, I want to know that some things last.


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