Amish Gardeners & Roadside Stands

Young the Giant – I Got

Summer is a simply delicious time in Ontario. Weekends begin with trips to farmers’ markets, and we can’t drive half an hour without stopping at a roadside stand for corn on the cob or peaches or new potatoes. A seemingly bottomless basket of fruit has overtaken our tiny kitchen table with yellow plums and zucchini and tomatoes, and the fridge is never without iced tea. It’s a delicious time to have your parents footing the grocery bill. And it’s a lonely time to be home. It’s probably needy and it’s sucking the life out of me, but I need someone I trust to remind me to dream, to fill up the car, to buy a plane ticket. At the best times, I tell myself that it won’t always be like this. That this is a season that will pass in a short time. At the worst times, I criticize myself and wonder harshly what is keeping me from action words like go, leave, do, be, wander. Be creative, for lord’s sake. The truth is, I’m not okay by myself.

Yesterday, I was looking through pictures of Honduras. I was overwhelmed with questions of what am I doing here? Lord, I want to go. Maybe it was my imagination. Maybe this is what I wanted Him to say. But what was whispered across my heart and reverberated in my thoughts again and again was, “Kendra, I want to bless you incredibly!” And maybe that’s enough. If I was looking for an answer, maybe this is it: there is much in store for me that I can’t see right now. So, can I just trust Him?


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