Fika: Coffee With Friends

For a few pennies, the United States Government will cooperate with you wholeheartedly in one of the simplest and most acceptable forms of giving yourself.

We fail to make greater use of this governmental partnership-in-giving, not because we are unaware of its possibilities, but because we permit ourselves to be thoughtless. We know how much we appreciate notes from friends, but we do not stop often enough to think how they would appreciate notes from us. There is something peculiarly you in a letter or note you write. It says “I think enough of you to take the trouble to sit down and try to put into words the interest I have in you.”

A few pennies is a small investment to make in giving ourselves to our friends, or in winning the friendship of strangers who have done something which earns our gratitude or approval.

– David Dunn, Try Giving Yourself Away


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