Finite Places

Josh Garrels – White Owl (Pssst! Free download here. I know I did…)

I have the privilige of being older sister to someone who would still be my friend even if we weren’t family. Her eyes are clouded by the aches of teenage relationships, and I love that my view is fresh. I can see ever so clearly her pure heart for Jesus. She has been surrounded by people of faith, raised in the arms of Jesus since she was a child. What I cannot tell her too many times is that she is enough. No more, no less. The Lord has begun a good work in her. With everything I am, I want her to know from the freckles on her nose to the core of her heart that what remains is the Lord; the comparisons, the setbacks, and the mindless words will fade. The Spirit within her is enough to keep her going. He is the answer to her prayers and deepest needs, and is shaping her heart to beat as his does.


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