Mates of State – Great Dane

Dearest Rooms, you are ever scheming and never a step behind. You’re the face behind the lens and the heart of the dance floor – not to mention the bomb dot com. There is no song you haven’t heard, and no fun you’ll turn down. You are the ultimate road-trip companion, the best playlist creator. I love that your yes is a yes and your no is a no. I love that we quote ourselves, and that when I feel like I’ll never graduate you make me laugh. I love coming home to you. You know the best and the worst parts of me, and you still choose to love me. Your love for Jesus is close to your heart, and written all over your words and your face. I love hearing you pray, and listening to someone pray says a lot about that person (I think you told me that once). Thank you for sharing stories and ideas and adventures with me. You challenge me to be a better me, to dream bigger dreams, making me brave all the while. So here’s to you, dear rooms, on your twenty-second of birthday seasons. I simply would not be the same person without you.


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