Ounces of Truth

The Album Leaf – Moss Mountain Town

Love doesn’t give up on people; it would be like walking out before the movie is over. Love believes that Christ is always at work in them, and the most unbiblical and ungodly thing we could say is that someone will never change. We have this hope, and go to the movies for the reason that love is supposed to win out over hate. Beauty over ugliness. Relationship over loneliness. Justice over oppression. Joy over despair. Spiritual aliveness over spiritual apathy and deadness. And Revelation 21 says that is exactly how God is working. That’s where this story is going. God’s will is being done on this earth, so how could we give up on love? There is a happy ending. That is why love always protects, why there is nothing love could not face. Because it is rooted in Christ’s presence, power, and love, in a hope that God is doing something beautiful in our world, and changing me to love like this.

(Listen to this on 1 Corinthians 13:7)


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