How the Turn Tables

Laura Marling – Rambling Man

Today the Hawkins family got together for what has become known over the years as a “hug-fest”. My extended family gathers every couple of weeks, since most of us live within half an hour of each other. Proud grandparents, teasing uncles, hungry and wild kids, people who look after each other: this is how I’ve grown up. It is altogether a loud, happy, and delicious thing.

My cousin was opening his presents, and we were all watching and teasing him, while his four-year-old self would still believe us. After the first gift, his mother leaned over and asked him, “what do you say?”, more of a reminder to be polite than anything else. When his next gift was opened, his mother only gave him a look, and he quickly said thank-you.

It was actually my pastor’s idea, this picture of the Holy Spirit prompting us to do what we already should be doing. It’s this re-staging, this reminder, this urging, this cue. As someone who follows Christ, I look to the Bible to tell me how to live my life. And it is the Holy Spirit who is a little bit like my aunt, reminding me of what I already know to do.


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