by thefulltiltlife

It’s hard to believe that by Thursday I will have packed my belongings into Betsy for another summer. Six exams in a week and a half later, these final days have seemed sort of endless. Now, all of a sudden, change has begun.

But let’s not forget good-bye. It was K who reminded me. I need good-bye before I call another place home, before I wake up to different faces and spend Saturday afternoons in different towns. I need to say good-bye to these people that are becoming my family, to look them in the eye and say thank you. Thank you for teaching me and telling me and keeping me, for taking the time. Thank you and keep going, because I need people like you just so I can breathe. I am a better person for knowing you. So please don’t stop writing and talking and making the effort; September will come soon enough. Let’s take the time to say good-bye, even if it’s just for now.