Maple Syrup Festival

Sleeping At Last – 101010

Dusk is the best and hardest place to be, in between the cracks of light and the shadows of darkness. The blueprints of my life are made up by the differences between darkness and light, detailing which steps I will take. But I’ve been learning lately that grey has it’s own sacredness. Of course, there is a time and a place for black-and-white, for knowing exactly what I stand for, and deciding beforehand whether to choose light over darkness and what that really looks like. “Grey is not a compromise, but a bridge between two sides. Not just middle ground, but a truce waiting to be signed.” The dusk, the grey areas are when my head and my heart just don’t meet. It’s those times in my life when I am most satisfied, and yet so restless too. It’s when I’m most thirsty for life and yet unwilling to lose my ground. I’m learning that dusk is when change happens, even slowly. And it brings its own beauty.


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