Swallowed in the Sea

by thefulltiltlife

I find myself adding up the number of things that I do that have earned my place in life. I worked hard in highschool and ended up in university. After years of friendship I have earned the title “old friend”. I have gone to church enough Sundays and attended enough Bible classes to be associated with a concordance. I try. I really do try, becase I want my life to reflect the influence of Christ in me. I want to be a part of a life group, and I want to spend time often with the Lord.

There is a fine line though, between the list of my good causes, and the unearned grace of God. At some point I begin to believe that God is obligated to give me some sort of return for my time and effort. And he is not obligated to do anything for me. Sometimes life happens and it’s not any fault of my own. It is by grace I have been saved through faith.