A Tuesday Link List

Ray LaMontagne – You are the Best Thing The days are certainly shorter now, having tucked my porch chairs into storage and resumed my watch of the thermostat. I have this desire to be outside today, something the weekend did not afford, so the plan is to bundle up and search out a new route […]

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Everyday Stew

Gang of Youths – Magnolia After a full Sunday morning of conversation and church efforts, I began to doctor up a very simple stew that had been missing some staples. It was one of those things that could very well have been enjoyed alone, but within minutes of my texts some friends had responded they […]

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Gratitude, Again

Gang of Youths – Magnolia My big sister, with her soft heart. Nature. Really, I forgot how inspiring it can be. A smiley baby and her Jolly Jumper (and her mama!) Coast to coast in 2 months. Breakfast bagels. Cool nights under heavy quilts. Three turkey dinners. All the Harry Potter! New shampoo. An airport […]

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Life Lessons from August

Manchester Orchestra – Maze The pier was closed, so we walked around the edges of Port Dal in all its August glory. Dusky mosquitos hovered above the edges of the lake, skies slow to slip into pink, purple, then navy. Having spent the day in seminars together, we were already waist-deep in processing mode. And […]

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On Vacay

Bob Dylan and Marcus Mumford – When I Get My Hands On You I took vacation this week, boarded a plane for the West Coast, and landed with people who know me well. Because all the feels, I’ll be honest: I can feel my spirit softening. There is something about being surrounded by all this […]

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All the Everything

Manchester Orchestra – Grocery Summer seemed to stretch into time without end, days lighting early and dusk settling late. There was time for all the nothingness and whimsy summer beckons. To-do lists are futile, as are plans beyond the summer months. Now, as the weather turns, I’m wanting to stretch into the furthest reaches of […]

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Band of Horses – The Funeral The August corn is tall in the fields now, reshaping the landscape from a rolling long-distance view to a near-sighted maze. On a dusky drive on Adelaide I noticed the dips and curves of the road are familiar to me, but my line of sight was obscured by green […]

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Gratitude Changes Things

Broken Social Scene – Halfway Home A new baby in the family has us all swooning. Summer Friday Field Trips. The Lunch Club, which I was almost kicked out of because I eat too much salad, of all things. This, of course, only made me want to be there more. What will we talk about […]

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