Giving Up Busy

Florence + The Machine – Grace What if I gave up being busy? What if busy no longer equaled value or gave meaning? What if my work and personal life weren’t measured by the number of things on my plate? What if instead I had the motivation and space to apply thoughtfulness and kindness and […]

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Contentment Like a Sweater

Ben Rector – Old Friends I’m having trouble wrestling on contentment, like a sweater that doesn’t quite fit. Except, it’s more like a too-small sweater on a too-large cartoon character and the sweater keeps popping back off only to have the character catch and squeeze into it again. Sometimes I’d rather have another life, one […]

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It’s Fine

Johnnyswim feat. Penny and Sparrow – Won’t Back Down It’s fine, really. That’s what I say when it isn’t all that fine. Not usually a little, not even at all. I’ve been using this phrase for years, I’m sure. It was a joke at one point, and still is in good humour at times. I tend […]

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Season of No

Vance Joy – Saturday Sun I’m really letting things go around here, you guys. I said no to buying a house. I deactivated my Twitter account and discontinued Thursday night piano lessons. There is more free time than I expected in this season, also due to different seasons my local friends are in, and a […]

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Humility Matters

Vacationer – Paradise Waiting This week we ran a little event for 2,000 grades 9 and 10 students. Of course, nothing is little with 14 and 15-year-old’s. My favourite question of the week was, “Do you have somewhere I can store 2,000 hot dog buns?” This felt very much like a gum ball question to […]

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Another Thankful List

Johnnyswim – Goodbye Road (Thanks Amy Beth!) The only consistent result of a keyword search on this little corner of the internet is gratitude. It’s terrible for SEO, or any attempt to reflect a robust, “full-tilt” sort of life. But isn’t gratitude a sort of portal toward wholeness? Doesn’t an intentional spirit of thankfulness purport […]

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What I Learned at 27

Chance the Rapper – Finish Line Spring gave way to summer’s advances with barely a fight, only a week after it had begun. Our spring road trip commenced with an ice storm, as it always seems to happen, and ended with a pool of sunshine. Now it’s 28 degrees, and I barely know what to […]

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The Civil Wars – I Want You Back I saw an old friend tonight, someone who knew me well. I left a little sad, acknowledging life for her has been less than expected. And yet, I find myself grateful to be stretched into this life under this skin. The coolness of the floorboards under my […]

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Low-Risk Bored

Gregory Porter – Take Me To The Alley The thing about being bored is that it’s low-risk. The desire to not be bored, if you can help it, requires some courage. It takes putting yourself in uncomfortable situations, into your most socially awkward self, sometimes surprising people, requiring something of them like support and encouragement. […]

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You Have To Ask

Johnnyswim – Drunks Sometimes you have to ask for the things you need. Take last week, for example. I was missing some of my friends, and had been wanting to get to know some people from their new small group. So, we had a potluck on a Monday, and who says you can’t party on […]

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