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Maggie Rogers – On + Off

Before I begin with this little treasures list, I want you to know I just spent a half hour researching the best option for an LED ice cube, and am heading to a mascot photo shoot. I have the weirdest job.

Brene is on the move again, people! Prepare yourselves for all the research-based feels.

Got a strong lunch salad game going on the past few weeks. My favourite addition of late has been this little quinoa method. Let the record also state that The First Mess is a totally welcome addition to my regular reads. There seems to be a little something I’ve used from each of her posts this summer.

My friends got a barbecue, and I’ve got all kinds of ideas.

Rooms and I discovered after the fact we were drooling over this shop at the same time yesterday.

This dress arrived in in a lovely package the other day, once again affirming my affection for online shopping.

Brought home what feels like a brand-spanking-new car on Monday, and I’m in love with Apple CarPlay (plus they used my car in all these photos. Here’s to helpful technology, and bring on the road trips!

Speaking of road trips, Renee and I are prepping for Boston with these tunes.

This studio apartment feels very Amerikaila.

(Image via here)

A Mid-July Note


John Mark McMillan – Death In His Grave

I have this feeling I’m running out of summer, having wafted by it without notice. I’m not sure where this feeling came from, because reality tells a different story.

There have been barbecues, bonfires and backyard nights watching fireflies blink across the gardens. Sunglasses and breeze in my hair as I drive. Ice cream sundaes, iced coffee, iced tea and ice cold beers – all on the front porch. There was an evening at the beach, a taco dinner on the farm, and all the festivals in between. I’ve been sun burnt, had wobbly legs after bike riding, left work most days as soon as time allowed.

And, certainly, there is summer left to lean into.

I keep returning to the truth that perspective changes things, as is true certainly of gratitude. So I characteristically made a list of progress marked these past couple months, big heart changes and tough daily choices. And as I looked back I felt my posture shift to gratitude, to the present and the coming weeks before work swirls chaotically around me again. There is life to be stretched into, beauty to catch notice of, progress to be celebrated.


Johnnyswim – Take the World

I’ve been home exactly six minutes. I left early, leaning forward in the car as if to help the distance between work and haven, eager for the silence of home. With a flourish, I peeled off what little jewelry I wear, changed clothes, left a bra on the floor, washed the day from my face. The Ontario summer air is heavy, it sticks to my skin and the floor so my feet make little sucking noises as I walk across the humid surface. In mindless reaction, the windows were closed, blinds opened, AC moaning.

Some days need a restart button.

Nobody is ever just a refugee. Nobody is ever just a single thing. And yet, in the public discourse today, we often speak of people as a single a thing. Refugee. Immigrant.

– Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

More Gratitude


Mumford & Sons, Baaba Maal – There Will Be Time

  1. A precious, emotional pregnancy announcement.
  2. Tuesdays with Tenny.
  3. Celebration Spa Day with two who know how.
  4. Summer of Porching, ushered in with a donut breakfast in our pj’s.
  5. The Sandlot on the ball diamonds.
  6. “I love cheeses!”
  7. Good friends are the ones you want to debrief the weekend with.
  8. The nerve to ask for more and bigger work.
  9. A Friday morning International Donut Day field trip, Americanos included.
  10. They came, two of the three of nearest and dearest, to Tiny Apartment. I can hardly choose a favourite among the moments shared. They have such a way of showing care and kindness.

Blog Your Feelings


This week I’m in decision mode with my financial planner and making plans with my lawyer. If that weren’t enough adulting to make us all want to run through a sprinkler for a change, my manager asked me yesterday what my 3-5 year plan is. I looked at her blankly as she laughed. “I just don’t want you to hate your job, and I think you’ll be bored in the next couple years.” Thank the Lord for managers like her! We’ve started a working plan, to be formed by the end of the year. I’m also in the market for a car, because Volkswagen.

Basically, this is the most boring month I’ve ever blogged about, but I mention these things here because they feel right and good, and a little bit like progress.

Last night a friend and I babysat our favourite 7-month-old. He still gives me flirty smiles whenever I glance his way, and I adore him. We walked for an hour, marveling at the gardens and the sunlight and whatever else was on our minds. In fact, I’ve seen this friend every other day for about two weeks now, and this too feels right and good and a lot like progress. Everyday friends, helping other friends.

I’ve learned a bit of what it is to live fully while mostly alone. But more recently I’ve been grateful that living fully looks more like interweaving my life with multiple others. So let’s go with progress, let’s go with what feels right and good right now. Sometimes the present decisions are what matter most.

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” Ernest Hemingway


Johnnyswim – Drunks

We met in the middle, driving the rest of the way together, deciding the destination as we went. It had been something to look forward to: an afternoon and a concert in the city. I so treasure having her in the province, for as long as she stays and as long as our taste in music concurs. With us, it doesn’t matter so much what we do. That day it was coffee in a shop with a giant chandelier, the long way through the city, pizza next to the street. We passed the tour bus and the lead singer on our way to dinner, where she sang along to the entire Ed Sheeran album and we waited until the album had finished before moving on.

Then, Johnnyswim came on stage. We know I love live music of all sorts, usually for the ensuing magical feels. But this one was special, because I’ve never described any other concert as hospitable, warm, and hopeful – not to mention musically magical. I’ve never heard a musician tell a crowd this is their living room for the night, so feel at home no matter what worries you brought with you. That’s exactly how the whole day was: a day of rest with one who knows me well.

More Gratitude


Sufjan Stevens – Should Have Known Better

  1. April birthdays.
  2. They flew across the country, just for the weekend (and the mini eggs).
  3. On Sunday nights we tend to gather down the street.
  4. An Edmonton reunion.
  5. Pilot coffee.
  6. Fried chicken waffles.
  7. Duchess Bakery.
  8. The Wolfe of Wortley, finally.
  9. First patio at Revel.
  10. Final loan payment – !


Ben Rector – Brand New

I’ve recently realized my style can best be described as an over-sized t-shirt, then sort of just cross my fingers and hope my hair makes up for it. I’m not sure why I’m sharing this with the Internet, but here goes nothing!

Scenario one: A concert night in Toronto with my sister where we discussed outfits for weeks before I chose a giant shirt and tights. “But don’t worry,” I told Amy, who had meticulously selected her outfit to coordinate with mine, “my hair looks amazing!” As if that helped her.

Scenario two: A fashion show last week which I prepared for by going to 2 different malls (a mountainous ordeal), before selecting (you guessed it) what looks like a crew-neck t-shirt that grew into a dress. Once again, fingers crossed the heels and wild hair made up for it. Not likely.

Until notified differently, I’m assuming the basics always work, right?

Anyway, there have been some decidedly treasure-filled troves on my regular haunts on the interwebs lately. Maybe you’ll find this treasure-filled, too, or maybe let’s not think too much about it!

Nikaela‘s view is always breathtaking, a memory of the Habit blog to me.

I love how Gemma describes music and memory.

This guy is coming to London. Who’s coming with me?! (Update on all the good feels: When your friend gives an automatic yes to attending a show without asking who’s playing.)

London now also has cronuts and a new donut shop! Here’s hoping one of these lovely coffee shops is open late on weekends this summer (amiright, Renee?)

I wish I had come up with ObjectsICantAfford.com.

It’s time to stop wearing white sneaks or Birks to work. I’m thinking these might do the trick?